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New design on a Boeing 340 Jet between Swiss and San Fransisco. More flicks here.

Sigi von Koeding aka Dare – The Wild Side lost the battle to cancer tonight. Rest In Peace Sigi! Dare … [more]

Trainlovers magazine is back with their 3rd issue of 120 pages featuring everything in swiss steel: Basel, Zürich and Bern. … [more]

A little video with graffiti on the famous trainline in Basel, Swiss. Watch out for the new wall from Dare, … [more]

Dare has some nice new prints for sale over at his webshop, check it out here…

Serval from Swiss represent.

Today, Dare from TheWildSide gave a lecture at Næstved Gymnasium in Denmark. Attending in the auditorium was around 50 people … [more]

Dare from Basel is giving a free lecture at Næstved Gymnasium in Denmark at 15.00 TODAY! ILG will be present … [more]

Remo TKO is no longer with us. The trainyards in heaven will be more colorful now. Rest In Peace!

Dare from Basel will visit Denmark, more precisely Næstved, on April 2nd and give a free lecture at Næstved Gymnasium … [more]