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My young and upcoming man Take2 got one of those funny and fast interviews up over at Getnloose! “Im unlucky … [more]

Fresh interview with Dare at the Carhartt Gallery and livepainting featuring Tloks, Soten, Kacao77, Take2 and Dare. Gallery with photos … [more]

The blogs here at ILoveGraffiti is heating up, its summertime and everybody is travelling and killing cans like there is … [more]

The full fresh wall with MadC, Take2, Soten, Zombie, Kacao77, Drik, Hocus, Towns and Loomit here

Jam in Bratislava on July 25th!

We got a new kid on the blog here at ILoveGraffiti. Welcome to Take2 out of Australia, check him out … [more]

The last batch of photos from the Molotow and Friends action in Duisburg is up here. Now we just wait … [more]

“Here we go with the next Molotow and Friends Teamwork, Melbourne meets Berlin aka Take2 meets Kacao77, fresh on Berlin … [more]

Molotow and Friends in Germany! Soten and Zombie from Copenhagen, Towns from London, MadC, Kacao77, Drik and Hocus77 from Germany, … [more]