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Great art by great artists

Opening today in LA, a new amazing show by TheMac and Retna

Lots of fresh stuff up on the blog of TheMac from his recent trip to Spain, check it out here.

A new show with heavyweights Retna and TheMac opens at Mid-City Arts gallery in L.A. this week, more info here.

Fresh new mural by TheMac and Retna, check the nice progress shots and translation of all the writing over at … [more]

2008 saw a big graffiti jam in South Korea, check out a funky video of several days of wall burning … [more]

Retna & TheMac are household favorites here at ILG. Here is Retna explaining about their collaborations and showing off some … [more]

TheMac is making his way across Europe this month, leaving jawdropping portraits and burned walls behind. Check his blog with … [more]

Good friend and great artist TheMac just returned from Denver, Colorado where the Democratic Convention is taking place. Alot of … [more]