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March 1st 2010 marks the 3 year anniversary of the clearing of Ungdomshuset 69 by the police, army and antiterror … [more]

Not to be missed if you are in Copenhagen on Saturday January 9th 2010: Rootdown #4 at Ungdomshuset Overdrevet, 23 … [more]

Cheeky and the SSH crew lets the old S-train roll at the new Ungdomshuset Dortheavej 61 in Copenhagen

This upcoming friday the 11th September, DJ Cars10 & Paulo live at Ungdomshuset 61 in Copenhagen. More info here. The … [more]

Wow, after a hectic weekend, everyday life knocks on the door again and its time to get back on the … [more]

In 2007 Copenhagen was turned upside down by the worst riots in modern times. The reason was the military, antiterror-corps … [more]