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MadC x Interview

„Because of the internet you don’t necessarily have local styles anymore. People get influenced by others living thousands of miles away. That is a pity somehow as it all starts to become one soup. On the other hand it pushed the quality regarding technique. People saw what the Maclaim crew or Daim did with spray cans and went crazy with photorealism. Also thanks to the development of spray paint just for our purpose, transparent colours and all kinds of caps, the possibilities became almost endless. Sometimes the letters are still the same as 10 years ago, but they look more professional because of fadings, shadows or the illusion of 3D. Regarding style I would say the letters got more flow over the years thanks to the influence of Dare, Swet, Smash 137, Seen’s Psycho pieces or Revok, Persue and Sever. I have no idea where it is going to. But there are a lot of talented and eager young writers out there who will make sure it will go on and develop further.“

Kurzer Nachtrag bezüglich MadC, hier auf gibt es ein englisches Interview mit der Dresdenerin über die IceAge Wand, Inspiration und vieles mehr, mit Bildergallerie…

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