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„Railrun brings some fresh blood to the existing collection of Swedish graffiti movies. Filmed during 2004 and 2005, it will show you what the graffiti scene in Stockholm is about. And unlike other movies, you will see the most active and best newcomers. Representing 18 crews and 32 different writers, most of them for the first time in front of the camera, Railrun is the only movie of it’s kind. It’s filled with 19 actions on subways, commuters and stations, also containing the very first surf-panel seen in Swedish graffiti movies. Watch the AM/24-7 crew destroy a subway car during rush hour, keepings other people out of their way. „

Der Film aus Schweden mit 24-7, AM, CNR, ETC, HFR, HTE, IQ, JSA, KCN,KFC, NDS, QS, SB, SPK, TNS, TCB, TRN, WLC ist hier auf YouTube seit heute auch nochmal in 9 Teilen online.

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