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Crack and Shine Book Release

„Half of HYB’s booze liberation front / review team went to Skore’s show last night (more about that soon hopefully if anyone remembered to take flicks…I hear it was heavy) The other half went to Crack & Shine…think of this as a kind of OMT with running commentary. We will probably have a Q+A with the book’s author at some point where I’m hoping we will be able to set a few things straight, so bear in mind that any comments are my own opinion and first impressions and that I recommend you get hold of a copy yourself before jumping to any conclusions about it. While I’m on the disclaimer tip, I’d like to say I’m hungover, on a comedown and have just spent the last hour putting this post together for you to look at so big up me basically cause nobody else is going to say it…“

HYB war auf gestern auf dem Buch Release von „Crack and Shine„, mit Fotos und einem Text zu Hintergründen und Inhalt, hier lang. Hoffentlich schlägt das Buch bald hier auf..

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