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The History of Flight

„Michael Jordan officially left the game of basketball in 2003 with one of the most achieved legacy’s in the sport. His accomplishments span from six world championships, to six games where he scored 60+ points. The superstar is still a very relevant name in the eyes of the world, with his ongoing shoe and clothing lines. Currently the Jordan sneaker line consists of 24 different models ranging from the classic Jordan I to the modern Jordan 2009. Each model has a very distinct characteristic that separates it from other shoe brands. To celebrate Michael Jordan’s introduction into the basketball Hall of Fame, Jordan brand compiled a collage of achievements surrounding the brand and Jordan himself.“

Well done, „The History of Flight“ über und mit dem Jordan in 24 verschiedenen Ausführungen, share your history… (via)

Posted: 8. September 2009  Posted By: admin  Tags: , , , ,