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10 Graff Commandments

„long story short, in the summer of 2010 winnipeg MB canada had a graffiti event in which fans of nyc legends Chino, Ernie and Mr. Wiggles had a chance to pay $20 to paint on the same wall as the legendary trio the day after the 3 of them were finished their pieces. the day of the fan painting all 3 came to meet their fans. fans were encouraged to take photos with the graffiti hunks and the 3 of them would do an autograph session. one crazed fan, who is a local king and rapper, took it as far to shoot a rap video about the code of graffiti conduct that features the nyc legends“

…this is it. 10 Graff Commandments with ZedOne (Foreign Objekts)

Posted: 18. März 2011  Posted By: admin