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Sunshine Rebels

SUNSHINE REBELS tells the story of a group of inner-city teenagers who in the 1970’s came together in New York City’s Central Park and in the process left an indelible stamp on world culture through startling innovations in street art, alternative music and extreme sports.

A coming-of-age story set at the nadir of New York City history, and in the world’s most famous – and at that time infamous – park, abandoned and crumbling amid the city’s collapsed economy, the documentary reveals a unique and colorful 1970’s subculture. The film highlights a family that formed at the Central Park Bandshell, a family that to this day is held together by the ties formed then.

Some became legends . . .

Some moved on . . .

Some died . . .

An important New York City story, SUNSHINE REBELS highlights the lives of intriguing figures who lived communally, intensely, at times ferally, in the shadowy grounds of Central Park’s Naumburg Bandshell, the heart of a reeling and broken Gotham City. In the process they contributed to the cultural and artistic shifts that continue to have an impact today.

Posted: 4. Oktober 2011  Posted By: admin