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Optional Exclusion on the recent YRP and GSD case.

for some reason, their case went unreported.

the internet has been trawled, full names have been searched for but to no avail.

so for those who do not know, or rather who the BTP do not want to know, several people went to prison for graffiti 2 weeks ago.

G.MONEY, CERES, OKER and BICE all received custodial sentences at blackfriars crown court.

i think the BTP were disappointed at the sentences, particularly OKER’s.

for his whole graffiti career he received a 22 month sentence; the same as CERES and only a month more than G.MONEY.

now let us not open the whole can of worms where graffiti and prison are debated and one does not deserve the other etc. because frankly this is 2012 and this is what happens.

but let us contextualize slightly.

when TOX went to jail at the start of 2011 he was starting a 26 month sentence for 7 tracksides.

if there was a way to convey disbelief believe me i would.

OKER got 22 months for an umbrella conspiracy charge including CERES and BICE, which they originally intended to start from 1994 to 2009.

i’m not trying to suck anybody’s dick, but really he got a touch. 22 months, of which he will serve 6/7 then do the rest on tag, for his whole graffiti career.

CERES was not surprised by his sentence, which was less than the original one of 4 years the BTP were trying to push for, but it’s still utterly absurd.

G.MONEY got stitched up.

his barrister removed him from the conspiracy charge so he was being prosecuted for straight criminal damage charges, but for some reason the judge did not take kindly to this and felt the barrister was, for want of a better expression, trying to pull a fast one.

as such, despite his guilty plea, G.MONEY received no discount on his sentence. bear in mind his barrister was whispering sweet nothings in his ear about suspended and all sorts, and he and CERES both plead at the last opportunity.

but this is the most important part of their case:

the international conspiracy charges were dropped.

these were the backbone of the whole case, the fabric of the web which linked everybody together through various flights and bank statements.

this was SAYSELL’s baby, his chance to start fucking people for graffiti he thinks they have painted in another country.

and it was nigh on laughed out of court, because he has nothing to do with what may or may not happen out of the UK.

as well it should have been. what a ridiculous, trumped up charge that it. he was evidently trying to utilize some aspect of the law which is designed for traffickers or those involved in large scale organised crime, SOCA ground.

speaking of SOCA, this one is golden.

they were investigating SIME on some other charges at the same time as this case against YRP and GSD came to light at the end of 2009.

3 years on bail, 3 fucking years….

anyway, BTP initially included SIME in the case, until SOCA turned up and told them to fuck off.

they had been following him for some time unbeknownst to the BTP, and had literally sat there and watched SIME paint trains during their surveillance operation. before BTP had a chance to arrest, they were told to stay away otherwise they would fuck up the far more serious investigation SOCA had underway.

imagine eavesdropping on that phonecall, between SOCA and SAYSELL.

yeah, BTP are fucking small fry, didn’t you realise COLIN? SOCA actually do something.

i wrote this because the BTP don’t deserve to have it kept quiet.

fuck them.

their case fell apart, they had 3 fucking years to gather evidence and concoct these onsensical connections, but in the end they had the greater part of their case laughed out of court and ended up giving one of the UK’s most prolific graffiti writers a smaller sentence than fucking 10 FOOT!

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Posted: 6. Dezember 2012  Posted By: admin