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KOCH – The Movie

a movie about Mayor Ed Koch is coming,…he was known to be the front runner in taking on “quality of life” issues throughout New York City, other than his insensitive take on graffiti prevention, he ‚helped‘ ban the playing of radios on subways and buses, and gave police broader powers in dealing with the homeless.

The determination to rid New York of graffiti had a lasting impression that can still be seen today. Not that the streets aren’t calling like a lonely ex girlfriend.

STYLE WARS (Ausschnitt)

Mayor Ed Koch Graffiti (STYLE WARS)

Mayor Ed Koch and Graffiti on the Subway System (2011)

Koch The Movie (US Trailer/2013)

Produktion: 2012, USA, Digital
Länge: 95 mins
Sprache: Englisch
Sound: 5.1 Dolby SRD
Rating: Not Rated
Release: Februar 2013, USA

Posted: 13. Dezember 2012  Posted By: admin