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SABER by madsteez from MADSTEEZ on Vimeo.

„Among the thousands of people who make up the graffiti community around the world, there are few names that carry … [more]

Weiter gehts mit dem Los Angeles Buff, über das „Bigger than Elvis“ Bombing im LA River hatten wir Anfang Februar … [more]

Nichts ist für die Ewigkeit, auch nicht eines der größten Graffiti der Welt (Google Maps).Das legendäre Los Angeles River Piece … [more]

„In this episode Maestro visits Kellen and his friends from the 7th Letter over at their recent art show in … [more]

„In 2008 we, Juxtapoz Magazine, along with Upper Playground asked David Choe, Alex Pardee, Saber, and Retna to paint their … [more]

„Being apart of this issue was really cool because of the Jim Phillips special. Originally I had no idea who … [more]

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