Monthly Archives: January 2009

Double dose of streetart in this clip with danish artist Armsrock and Elbow Toe doing a show in LA. Wheat … [more]

Latest issue of the UK magazine titled Very Nearly Almost #7 featuring Cept, C215 and Cans Festival 2. Check out … [more]

Two anti graffiti newsreports form Australia. One claiming graffiti cost the state of New South Wales over 100$ a year, … [more]

One of Denmarks most active writers over the years and godfather of Jutlands graffiti scene, Dato, has a new flickr … [more]

Interview in english with danish funky character maker Husk Mit Navn aka Remember My Name.

Check out Espo, hero of the week at ILG, doing his thing and playing airguitar…

The globetrotting double trouble graffiti machines How and Nosm have a blog, check out their worldwide adventures and see some … [more]

One of L.A’s most prolific crews have run into trouble. Looks like the police have arrested 7 alleged members of … [more]

‘Nuff non-homo love to Espo for this great t-shirt! Found at HurtYouBad and available here.

Running in Capetown, South Africa, three wholecars on the blue and yellow commuter trains…

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