Monthly Archives: April 2009

Fresh video from the Secret Wars – Grand Finale in London recently. The winner was Hicks, full report and photos … [more]

In the middle of one of Copenhagens most notorious streets, the hooker street called Skelb√¶kgade, a new production from Swet … [more]

Copenhagen train site Time2Bomb is updated with loads of red spaceships and this nice doubledecker…

This is the first episode of the Vandal Squad debate that took place at the powerHouse arena in New York. … [more]

We had another video of Joey Crack on ILG before, but here is a longer one of Fat Joe stading … [more]

Cope 2 and FC crew, from the Cope 2 video…

Rockers By Choice, reunited yesterday, 20 years after their first album dropped in Denmark! On a horrible TV-show but with … [more]

Its 25 years since graffiti started in Denmark. Yeah, time flies and its not 1984 anymore… And to celebrate this, … [more]

As 1984 generally is seen as the year where the modern form of graffiti came to Copenhagen and Denmark with … [more]