Monthly Archives: May 2009

Second day of the festival in Malmø, the weather is super nice, everybody is doing their things, vibe is crazy … [more]

Good old has a surprising update with 220 photos of Copenhagen graffiti from 1998 to 2005, check them out … [more]

Amazing beat, lyrics and animation: Jeru The Damaja – Can’t Stop The Prophet

Urban Arts festival rocks on…

Awesome characters and spray art coming straight out of Norway, check out the Coderock flickr here.

The show rolls on in Malmø, Sweden… Urban Arts festival!

The second part of the classic video Dirty Handz 1 – Destruction of Paris City

The Urban Arts festival in Malmø is in full effect, writers doing walls, music blasting, b-boys breaking and lectures getting … [more]

Ill take one copy of this upcoming DVD please…

One of the biggest legal graffiti events in Scandinavia ever will kick of in Malmø today, the Urban Arts Manifistation! … [more]

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