Monthly Archives: September 2009

Oldschool westcoast legend Slick drops a little interview while visiting London recently, check it out…

Molotow has a fresh new calendar out for 2010 featuring 12 writers from the Molotow & Friends project, check out … [more]

New law passed in Los Angeles requiring all new buildings, including homes, to have anti-graffiti coating unless the owners promise … [more]

Some of Irelands premiere writers, Kube and Omin, have a new show opening at the Basement Gallery in Dundalk on … [more]

New book out from Dokument Press in Sweden. Its about the special form of graffiti found in California and its … [more]

“The topic for the ages is the art form is illegal, but on the other hand you have youngsters who … [more]

One of the oldest and still active graffiti magazines in the world is Fatcap magazine, straight out of Oslo, Norway. … [more]

New film coming from amazing Russia, check out the trailer Russian Roulette #2!

An artist often mentioned by danish writers is artist Per Arnoldi. Known for poster art for DSB and colorful basic … [more]

New issue out from HSM Magazine in Osaka, Japan, featuring graffiti from eastern Europe and Japan and interview with Senoyr, … [more]

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