Monthly Archives: January 2010

Recent Copenhagen S-train panels in this 8th video called Graffiti all over them trains

Graffiti photographer from Copenhagen, Rasmus Lind has a blog. Check it here!

Photocollage with graffiti photos from all over Europe, found on a wall in Copenhagen last week.

Kool Bandi sent me this old newspaper clipping from the 80s and a few words about it in Danish: ” … [more]

Here is a video featuring all the different train models being used by DSB in Denmark, and some pretty horrible … [more]

Swet was out painting when the snowstorm hit… Via Swet Goes Red

Winter hit Copenhagen hard this year, but with winter comes new possibilities, check out what happened to the side of … [more]

Marge rolling with the UFS crew in Moscow… Via Streetfiles

Theis Wendt got a gallery with his work over at the Information newspaper, this one below is called Keep It … [more]

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