Monthly Archives: October 2010

Footage from 1995, before the first Wallstreet Meetings and Meetings of Styles started in Wiesbaden. More history: Early nineties the … [more]

More and via the TNG flickr

Espo updated his website with lots of new amazing work, check it here!

Catholic Relief Services is working with Haitian graffiti artist Jerry Rosembert to help Haitians keep good hygiene. CRS hired him … [more]

Furious Styles silver smackdown from Furious Styles on Vimeo.

A group of writers is remixing classic graffiti pieces in New York. Photo series here. Article here.

HuskMitNavn has a great show running at V1Gallery and lots of updates on his blog here.

Much more on his blog here!

On November 23rd 2010 the Wholetrain movie will be released on DVD with English subtitles, and Spanish, French, Potugese, Italian, … [more]

Via Streetfiles

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