Monthly Archives: February 2011

Blogging is on hold while I watch “The Walking Dead“, a new zombie apocalypse TV-series set in Atlanta. Cameo by … [more]

Plenty of good Dutch trains on the Kloepoek fotolog.

Here is your chance to be part of a new reality show about graffiti… Will probaly never happen anyway…

Hip book release at hip bar, Slackers Delight No.1 at Mesteren & Lærlingen. Facebook event here.

36 minutes of classic old film footage of trains and travel in Denmark… Take a trip back in time here!

I raged about it before, check out the new previews and go get the new Street Fonts book, its awesome… … [more]

Copenhagen S-train prototype from 1986, flat sides, 2 doors, square end. Soon after came the 3. generation “coffins” and then … [more]

Long video, great intro, fresh footage, but he could have left Eminem out of it…

Old factories come and go, here is an album from the area nicknamed the Cheesefactory, it was a hall of … [more]

I wanna see this new docu made by Ice-T…

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