Monthly Archives: April 2011

Looking forward to this Roger Gastman film, to be released Fall 2011: “WALL WRITERS uncovers the origins of wall writing … [more]

Rolling in Copenhagen Via

New show with Steve Powers aka ESPO at V1 gallery in Copenhagen, opening May 6th 2011! FB event here.

Copenhagen photographer Tommi Rønnqvist is finishing up his book with graffiti photography. He is looking to link up with writers … [more]

Get the new hot Khalazer mixtape now on Soundcloud. Cover by Chucky! Check his blog for fresh updates here.

Moses and Taps, Taps and Moses… International Topsprayer. No less then a top recommandation, this book burns harder then a … [more]

Free Revok Flickr robbery

Copenhagen City Council are looking for a company to take care of their graffiti buffing campaign, and there is more … [more]

Ground Release! A line-up never seen before in Denmark… Opening of 500m2 giant mural on Saturday 7th 2011 at Tapperiet … [more]

Kak: Bonzai: Lovepusher: Tizer: Smug (canvas):

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