Monthly Archives: December 2011

Highly anticipated, still not out, the preview looks great and teasing! More info here, it should be out at the … [more]

Top20 mixtapes of the year according to DrozDailySteezin , with download links for all tapes…

Seb has a tumblr

4 x fresh from the big apple 2011 Via

The Set-I-Byen streetart blog at major newspaper Politiken is no more.. after 4 years it was time to find a … [more]

Slider and Caparso rock in Dresden and roll on with their Scale Project… Here is the Brown wall! Photo gallery … [more]

Copenhagen is mentioned in the LA Weekly’s: Top 10 Street Art and Graffiti stories of 2011…

Had the pleasure of meeting and painting with this gentleman a few years ago. His flickr is jampacked with dope … [more]

Free Xmas present for the Danish rap fans, new 12 tracks from Magermayn titled “Pik og Coka”. Download here!

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