Monthly Archives: October 2012

SABER FOR NUART 2012 from NUART on Vimeo.

REunion Day !! from BRUS on Vimeo.

7 artists of the TAD crew from Russia paid a visit to the Roskilde Festival this summer, this is their … [more]

Damn, Karski, Bonzai and Sket drops a wall in Zaandam. Zonin’ from Boris Suyderhoud on Vimeo.

This group on Facebook called Oldschool Graffiti Fools is blowing up lately with a ton of private, rare, oldschool photos … [more]

Promotion video for the company that puts the red foil on the Copenhagen S-trains! Indpakning af S-tog from on … [more]

Reunion Day went down last weekend in Rome, Italy. A huge wall at the Rebibbia Station on the end of … [more]

I wish I knew what the words meant… But the video is just as dope as the city… Berlin!

Trailer for the upcoming movie about Copenhagen rapper Kidd, premieres on November 3rd 2012 at Grand! KIDD LIFE trailer from … [more]