Monthly Archives: April 2013

The new Looptroop Rockers album with swedish lyrics is ready, and first single is featuring Ruskig on spraycans!

You might have heard about Den Sorte Skole, a Danish DJ collective known for some crazy popular mix albums, and … [more]

Great documentary with classic and rare oldschool footage about graffiti in the mecca that is Melbourne. Website with the full … [more]

Big annual graffiti jam in Eindhoven, Holland. In 2013 the dates are 22nd and 23rd June. The line up is … [more]

New interview with the fine Danish representative… Read it here!

Everyone knows Skeme, where did he go for 30 years, and whats his thoughts now that he is back? Read … [more]

Irelands finest, Maser doing it big in America