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The battle of opinions goes on in Aarhus, here is two new videos from the local newspaper, one is a … [more]

I had part 1 up last week, here is part 2 and 3 from back in the days in Australia…

Video about this winters buffing problems…

Article in Danish about the increase in train graffiti in Denmark in 2009 where DSB spent more than 25 million … [more]

Here’s two articles in Danish about some Germans painting S-trains in Frederikssund this month. “Germans sprayed traincars” “Germans expelled for … [more]

Danish information pamflet from the mid 80’s: “We never agreed on how we should behave in an S-train” Via Aim … [more]

Article about graffiti on the Svendborg trainline, these trains get hit 80 times a year, and cleaning cost around 5000 … [more]

A few years ago, the Danish Council For Crime Prevention released this magazine called Ud Med Den Ulovlige Graffiti (Out … [more]

Two videos from Denmark, One about the graffiti situation in Copenhagen, with Danish speak and no subtitles: Via Bates And … [more]

New line up, same shit! And this clown is now Danish Minister for Development Cooperation, he will never develop anything! … [more]

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