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“Yeah, for me personally I thought I didn’t have style for the first 10 years of writing. I had good … [more]

Check out Sabers story and reaction to his LA river piece getting buffed right here.

Live footage from the buff of Saber’s giant milestone piece in the L.A. river… Fuck the buff & Long live … [more]

A milestone in the graffiti world is gone, Sabers legendary river piece have been painted white by authorities in Los … [more]

News about the upcoming issue of Bomber magazine is up at thier website, it will include interviews with Atom, Revok, … [more]

Hot stuff straight from California… Check it here.

Check out his blog for lots of fresh photos and comments from the place to be, Berlin baby!

Revok MSK AWR interview and artwork in this video… Boosted Films Presents Revok @ Yahoo! Video

Sketch battle judged by Revok MSK AWR, check it out over at Bombing Science

Lots of good points in this Retna interview.