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SALEM – For a teenager who was arrested two years ago for tagging graffiti around the North Shore, it seemed … [more]

The case against Shepard Fairey continues, but things look better and better, read it all here

Good news for Shepard Fairey. Part of the charges against him by the Boston donutsquad have been dropped. More about … [more]

Shepard Fairey aka Obey is back in Boston and in court with 29 new charges. Three articles, found here, and … [more]

Found this very interesting article over at the brilliant Wooster Collective. Coming from an eye witness to Shepard Faireys arrest, … [more]

Two page article about the case here. Not suprisingly, Shepard Fairey was arrested by Vandal Sqaud officer Bill Kelley, who … [more]

“Shepard Fairey, the controversial street artist riding a roller coaster of publicity with his red, white, and blue posters of … [more]

Long, indepth, interesting article on graffiti wars in northeast America. Read how the vandal squad and antigraffiti forces started an … [more]

Want to know how the two most prolific Vandal Squad cops in Boston look like?Well, you are in luck, as … [more]

As previously reported here at ILoveGraffiti, American authorities are taking things to a new extreme in the case against Utah. … [more]