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Help Denmark second biggest city, Aarhus, get a legal wall for graffiti. Canvas event in support of the cause tomorrow … [more]

Great and Bates have a new show in Poland, on June 10th 2010 at Hemp Szop in Warsaw. More info … [more]

First came the intro, then came Silver Surfer, and today is time for…. dan-dan-daaaaaaaaaah… Spiderman!! These canvas come from another … [more]

A few random photos from todays fundraising event Kunst For Livet in Nørrebro, Copenhagen. 100+ canvas was donated by graffiti … [more]

32 years ago, in 1978, Seen did his first canvas, see it right here… Thanks to TCB for sharing photo … [more]

A few nice flicks from the recent Fresh On Every Surface show in Dublin featuring the works of Kube and … [more]

The Machine AKA my ILG blog brother AKA Kacao77 just uploaded some new canvas to his Flickr. As with everything … [more]

New show opening at Nomuffin in Aarhus, Denmark Friday 6th of November 2009 called Music For The Deaf by Jess … [more]

See more fresh Swet on Canvas here at Marshall Art (via)

Some very nice canvas work with one4all markers and ink by Kacao77. From theKacao77 Flickr