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Mural done in Nørrebro, Copenhagen by “Team Copenhagen” as a warm-up for the Urban Art Festival in Amsterdam 27th-31st May … [more]

Juse is having a show of canvas work, prints and custom t-shirts at the big Gam3 basketball finals at Rådhuspladsen, … [more]

Ryparken S-train station and the rest of Denmark under water last night due to heavy rain…

Kets got a new website here.

Monday 16th of August at 19.00, Four unique journeys of electronic music performed live in the Copenhagen Metro by: RUMPISTOL … [more]

The Pirate party for more Christiania last night was a great succes, more than 1000+ peacefull party people attending, the … [more]

Its fashion week in Copenhagen, or CFW as some would say, so lots of stuff going on around the city, … [more]

Via Streetfiles

The 1st of the 7 deadly sins is Gluttony. Here is Zombie with some Faxe Kondi gluttony…

Come and party in Copenhagens latest hall of fame, Bolsjefabrikken in Ragnhildgade, Nørrebro. 100’s of full color pieces on display … [more]

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