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Another jam at Ungdommens Hus in Fredericia, Denmark went down yesterday, here is a few flicks via Benny Storm.

The great Ungdommens Hus in Fredericia, Denmark is hosting yet another graffiti jam, this time the date is 22nd May … [more]

The latest issue of Denmarks free hiphop magazine DUBCNN is dropping today. Get it at your local hiphop shop. This … [more]

Ungdommens Hus (The House of the Youth) in Fredericia, Denmark hosted a big Getdown yesterday with writers from all over … [more]

The Fredericia Getdown jam was a succes, more than 50 people painted is the beautiful sunshine while DJ Tue Track … [more]

End of the season graffiti jam in Fredericia, Denmark tomorrow. Ungdommens Hus is the place to from 10.00 to night … [more]

Graffiti Getdown in Fredericia, Denmark at Ungdommens Hus on September 19th 2009, featuring the some of the best writers in … [more]

Take a free ride with some hyperactive kids from Copenhagen to Fredericia…

Jutland oldschooler Kool Bandi has a show opening at Det Bruunske Pakhus, Fredericia, Denmark on March 1st, simply titled The … [more]