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New book out titled Dansk Tatovering/ Danish Tattooing by Jon Nordstrøm. This book offers unique insight into a colourful tradition … [more]

Dubstep have been blowing up in Copenhagen the last few years and one of the crews pushing it hard these … [more]

Devin the Dude is always fresh! Devin Smokebreak mixtape available by clicking image below.

A great director who’s movies I have enjoyed all my life is no longer with us. John Hughes died yesterday … [more]

Some pocketcam images from the Distortion Festival in Copenhagen, the Ring of Fire was performed by a bunch of drunken … [more]

Check out this amazing project called PlayingForChange. This song goes out to the ILG blog brothers…

Check out the Webby awards 2009, for all the best sites and things on the internet.

In Denmark, a little charm campaign by the cops, handing out hugs and free bike helmets…

Hailed as the best and most popular hiphop band in Danish hiphop ever, the terrific trio of Malk De Koijn … [more]

Denmarks best rapper Jokeren 1st single of his new album, this one is called Gå Væk (Go Away) and features … [more]

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