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Throw-up by the man himself…

14 years ago in Copenhagen, here is Quik and Seen and lots of other painting at the Subkult Jam SUBKULT … [more]

32 years ago, in 1978, Seen did his first canvas, see it right here… Thanks to TCB for sharing photo … [more]

When Seen was in Stockholm recently, Jakob Kimvall from UP magazine did a very interesting and emotional audio interview with … [more]

Seen has a solo show opening in Stockholm, Sweden next friday the 11th of September. More info here and here.

A big project by the name of “d´RAW” is going down in Holland soon, the video show how impressive the … [more]

Jeppe from Graffitigalleriet went to Paris and checked out the booming gallery scene, see all his photo from the trip … [more]

Seen tells the story of how he painted the Hollywood sign in 1985.

A little video with graffiti on the famous trainline in Basel, Swiss. Watch out for the new wall from Dare, … [more]