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4th video from the debate…

Watch out in Delaware, the new Donutsquad is coming to get you!

Ellis G and Cope 2 talks about their experiences with the Donut Squad and the pigs call graffiti a worldwide … [more]

Utahs courtcase is over, ending with 6 months in jail and just $10.000 in restitution for painting trains, even though … [more]

Ket sticking it to the pigs and their book of stolen photos.

This is the first episode of the Vandal Squad debate that took place at the powerHouse arena in New York. … [more]

Utah is back in the legal loop again and getting headlines like “Globe-trotting graffiti queen turns self in” here. All … [more]

Ok, another media roll on the writers vs wankers debate, New York Times article here. Read it before they go … [more]

From the recent debate in NYC between writers and former donutsquad members: Article with cool quotes here. Short report here. … [more]

Yesterday saw the first ever panel discussion between writers and former members of the vandal squad in New York City, … [more]