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Running in Italy 2010 Via PimpMyTrain

The Thalys train rolling out of Brussels, featuring JonOne, Opak, Seak, Sozy and Zedz… And a short french video with … [more]

Remember the crazy news from Cologne, its done,by Jonone, Sozyone, Seak and Zedz, on a red carpet in 3hours at … [more]

Crazy News from Cologne, Seakone has posted news on the Thalys highspeed train painting mission in Paris next week When: … [more]

A big project by the name of “d´RAW” is going down in Holland soon, the video show how impressive the … [more]

In Weil am Rhein, Germany, at the border to Basel, Swiss, the Carhartt Gallery opened the exhibition “Public Provocations” the … [more]

Public Provocations is a new exhibition presented by the Carhartt Gallery, big opening on 6th of June 19h, during Art … [more]

Cope2 steals the headline for this show, at Artdrenaline in Amsterdam, September 6th 2008. Other artists include Loomit, Can2, Atom, … [more]