Monthly Archives: October 2008

Steadily fucking up the way society works and paving new ways, Banksy is at it again.This time its a old … [more]

No, its not a graffiti buffer, its one of the reserve-graffiti artist doing a big mural in dirt in SF.

Trailer for the documentary called Next: A primer on urban painting, filmed in a dozen countries worldwide with an allstar … [more]

One of the most interesting mags these days has got to be Concrete, updating the world on the trainscene in … [more]

As recently reported here at ILG, the Banksy mural in central London is possibly up for removal. Now Banksy speaks … [more]

The good people at Graffiti galleriet in Copenhagen have made this graffiti calendar for 2009, its free and all you … [more]

Myself, I was an artist at the time working in New York, I hadn’t lived here very long, I moved … [more]

We always got love for Love graffiti here at ILG

It doesn’t get any better than this, a documentary from two of Copenhagens finest Rosforth & RasMoney, a film about … [more]

Free your mind from Babylon business, check this video about how subvertisments and graffiti in public space help reclaim our … [more]

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