Monthly Archives: October 2008

For all the train nerds out there, check out this photograpic hitlist of worldwide subway station architecture and cast your … [more]

Even National Geographic can get it wrong! Found this photo on their website with the following text:“Graffiti covers the side … [more]

This video made me wonder about two things.1. Do the West Midlands Police in the UK really think that this … [more]

I was checking out some old photos today and decided to post a few. Skeme TMT stole alot of spotlight … [more]

In continuation of our previous coverage of North Korea, here is a short ride of the infamous Pyongyang subway, filmed … [more]

New documentary from Los Angeles about graffiti…Piece Of Mind Trailer. from Keegan Gibbs on Vimeo.

My man Matt over at Metabunker , who previously gave ILG a two thumps up review, went to Italy and … [more]

From the land of Dracula comes a new graffiti movie titled Buchawrestlers. Check out the trailer from the dark tunnels … [more]

Eastcoast and Westcoast unity, Lady Tribe and King Seen with a nice collabo and photoshoot, posted by seen0720 on 12oz.

Banksy’s latest big hit, the One Nation Under CCTV mural in central London will be painted over soon… More information … [more]