Monthly Archives: December 2008

..listen to Risk, see the symphatic videointerview on Vimby, Risk about him, his work and the collaboration with Keith Harring … [more]

Continuing to push new ground and doing what no one ever expected would be done, Shepard Fairey did this weeks … [more]

I have just been notified that the legal graffiti area at Nørrebro Station in Copenhagen have been granted another 40.000 … [more]

We keep it international today here at ILG, with two foreign videos, a crazy one in French with very nice … [more]

Hailed by Copenhagen oldschoolers as being one of the most important early documents of local graffiti, a collection of the … [more]

If anyone has info about this one, please use the contact-button and send it to us. Untill then, enjoy a … [more]

Within days of the official release of Hardknocks – The Subway Edition, the much anticipated DVD from Germany, its sold … [more]

Maybe it will happen soon? Anyways, all the dedicated hiphop and graffiti heads might not know about this one, this … [more]

Two new writers added to the Molotow and Friends project. None other than big Toomer TKO from California and Zombie … [more]

Late night music video time here at ILG, check out Verbal Threat feat. DJ Premiere with a nice track and … [more]