Monthly Archives: February 2010

Sade got the best album of 2010 out so far, titled Soldier Of Love, in case you missed it… Sade … [more]

Rick Griffin – King of psychedelic rock posters

At Gunnar Jørgensen Skolen in Hellerup, early 90’s, before big chrome cans and super fatcaps, Rezen, Bates and Zetch pulled … [more]

A young, slim and spikey Swet piece from 1992 and next to it, 17 years later, a slighty older, bigger … [more]

Super fresh 35 minute documentary from Oslo, Norway from 1990 called VVP – Vandaler Vrenger Plater. “Vandals flipping vinyl” is … [more]

Braskart got the trains here Huskmitnavn got the trucks here

The new show at Graffiti Galleriet from Lars Jensen opened last Friday and here is a full gallery of photos … [more]

New line up, same shit! And this clown is now Danish Minister for Development Cooperation, he will never develop anything! … [more]

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