Monthly Archives: February 2010

The streetart people over at Streetheart posted this photo and asked for a debate about graffiti and streetart, you can … [more]

Before everyone ran around Copenhagen with rollers and slogans, there was this guy… Lets call him Fuglen (The bird). Check … [more]

Rasmus B Lind updated his blog with some action shots…

When train maps and schedules came on the same poster. Copenhagen S-train 1949.

Who would have thought it? Engel 2010!

Goozer was so cool to share a few old jems on The Wonderful Copenhagen thread tonight… From the mid 80’s … [more]

Petro left some style on the walls in Amsterdam, after doing his big show… Photos via StonieB’s Flickr

One of Jutlands first writers, oldschool Eljay aka Lars Jensen aka L Ron Harald has a show opening tomorrow at … [more]

Ichabod YME, via Santini52’s Flickr.

By Roccoe GHS in Milano, via PimpMyTrain