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New exhibition at Gallopperiet, Christiania opening April 3rd 2010. From graffiti to everything else. Read below how you can be … [more]

Looks like a fun night in Paris, this is the video from the launch of the new book From Style … [more]

Seeing as the recent update about the Os Gemeos show here at ILG was really popular, this video is bound … [more]

Amazing images from Os Gemeos and their show in Sao Paolo, all to be seen on their own website right … [more]

New show opening October 24th in Paris called From stylewriting to art. A new anthology is released and a show … [more]

Cept is having a new show in London called Frozen Explosion at the Writers Bench Gallery, opening September 3rd 2009.

New exhibition opening in Paris today, check out the center piece by Puppet, the silver can mirrors the painting below … [more]

Tim Holbech has a show running at Graffiti Galleriet in Copenhagen. More info on the flyer here.

Insa has a new show coming up on July 17th in London, more info over at his blog here.

In Berlin, the urban art info gallery presents: Jan Danebod: GEMEINSAM FÜR DIE STADT To question the policies that govern … [more]

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