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New law passed in Los Angeles requiring all new buildings, including homes, to have anti-graffiti coating unless the owners promise … [more]

New book out from Dokument Press in Sweden. Its about the special form of graffiti found in California and its … [more]

Opening today in LA, a new amazing show by TheMac and Retna

Check out Westcoast legend Slick whip out a little something in London

Seen tells the story of how he painted the Hollywood sign in 1985.

New blog project from Los Angeles, documenting the female side of the graffiti world. Check out the blog here and … [more]

A little step-by-step graffiti photosession with Revok. after the jump

Two articles about the current situation of graffiti on the freeways of Los Angeles. According to new numbers, 7.622.234 square … [more]

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Much love to Cope2 from ILG, check out this old interview with him, from when he visited LA. Its all … [more]