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Some of the first graffiti tourists to visit Copenhagen, Sie, Chintz and Loomit, at Buerne, Vesterport 1989

Bates has made his mark on the Copenhagen and worldwide graffiti scene for about 25 years now. He has his … [more]

From October the 5th to the 9th 2009 the city of Lueneburg will be transformed into a public exhibition space … [more]

A big project by the name of “d´RAW” is going down in Holland soon, the video show how impressive the … [more]

The full fresh wall with MadC, Take2, Soten, Zombie, Kacao77, Drik, Hocus, Towns and Loomit here

The last batch of photos from the Molotow and Friends action in Duisburg is up here. Now we just wait … [more]

Molotow and Friends in Germany! Soten and Zombie from Copenhagen, Towns from London, MadC, Kacao77, Drik and Hocus77 from Germany, … [more]

Loomit and Tasek doing a wall in Munich 2009

Throw another style on the grill, fresh wall from Cantwo, Smash137, Wow123, Loomit and Atom from Split 2009 Press for … [more]

Write4Gold comes to Vienna with crews from Austria, Switzerland and South Germany ready to rock! More info here. Loomit will … [more]