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The 1st of the 7 deadly sins is Gluttony. Here is Zombie with some Faxe Kondi gluttony…

It all goes down tonight, 7 stages, 70 artists, 11 hours, 7000 party people, graffiti walls by RT Crew from … [more]

Ges: “Ive said it before, I’ll say it again… this is my favorite stage of a piece… everything from this … [more]

What a way to end an amazing project, day 100 of the Swet100.

Swet was out painting when the snowstorm hit… Via Swet Goes Red

Via Molotow Blog

Swet made it half way through his 100 pieces in 100 days project… Check the first 50 pieces here!

A new project was started today with Swet. ILG caught him for a quick interview.

Alis hoodie – Check. Faxe Kondi – Check. Molotow – Check. Nice day for a hotdog – Check. Via

Molotow has a fresh new calendar out for 2010 featuring 12 writers from the Molotow & Friends project, check out … [more]

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