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One of the greatest MC’s of all times have passed away, Guru from Gangstarr will no longer rock the mic … [more]

Devin The Dude is about to drop his new album, The #420 Suite, check a fresh new interview with Devin … [more]

The Optimen got a new album out, check their Myspace here!. This one is called the 80s Babies, taking it … [more]

The Liverpool squad of 1988 breaks it down…

The historic Danish Soundclash Championsship 2007 is now on Youtube, or rather, the road for Rootsman Hi-Fi from the beginning … [more]

Eric Lynn Wright – September 7, 1963 – March 26, 1995 – Eazy-E Old School Shit! from Torri on Vimeo.

Its monday, Feel Good!!

The awesome Bill Bach has a second issue of his music-related comicbooks out. Check the blog here.

1 day left of Swet100

Devlin represent for the people, nice one…