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Graffiti music video by Carl Weston from Videograff, the track is called Strange Love and its by Bisc1.

Start your week with Substantial (Feat. Steph) with the track: My Favorite Things.

Super fresh beats and images courtesey of Cept 148. Check out rolling steel from Copenhagen, Warsaw, Rome and London, featuring … [more]

The highly anticipated debut album from Balstyrko is dropping tonight and there is a big release party at Vega in … [more]

Paris hardcore! The Psychopath Killers, TPK crew represent! From the old Pirates VHS tape… And a video with photos of … [more]

Stilen R Profilen have been the number one danish graffiti rap group in Denmark for almost two decades. Check their … [more]

While we wait for the official Notorious movie to make it to this part of the world, a new documentary … [more]

Maybe it will happen soon? Anyways, all the dedicated hiphop and graffiti heads might not know about this one, this … [more]

Late night music video time here at ILG, check out Verbal Threat feat. DJ Premiere with a nice track and … [more]

Starting the weekend off topic, but on point! The brandnew video from White Pony, called Falling… A true party starter!

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