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While we wait for a new website from Franz Jaeger and Ras at Le-Fix Tattoo in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, they have … [more]

The Yard 5 shop on the U5 line in Berlin are having a re-opening party next weekend after rebuilding their … [more]

Nice new second issue of Subliminal Art magazine is out, straight from Genova, Italy. Lots of high quality walls and … [more]

We recently blogged the How & Nosm blog here at ILG and soon all other graffblogs followed. Here is a … [more]

Some real nice photos from french photographer Supadopes flickr here and myspace page right here…

Today in Berlin, Yes2 rocking a wall at the Yard5 Hall of Fame. More photos at the Yard5 Myspace.

The ILG Best Myspace graffiti profile award goes to oldschool Skore TRC from London. Great profile with loads of oldschool … [more]

Check out the Myspace from Atomone, freshly uploaded burner walls and trains from all over the planet.Sao Paolo panel Bronx … [more]

A bunch of crazy chicks from Bruxelles added me on Myspace. You know you wanna be their friend too, remember … [more]

Amazing artist Kacao 77 from Berlin has started a production of a series of new canvas, using the new Molotow … [more]