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Flip through a copy of the Bomber magazine, from around 1989/1990 when it was still a black and white photocopy … [more]

None other than Noc167 did a comeback piece in New York this summer.. From Ket La Rocks Flickr.

Just a few of the many works Todd James has on display at V1 Gallery in Copenhagen at the Brush … [more]

“These Melbourne boys follow a New York cult known as hiphop…”

Not the first to report this sad news, Rammellzee passed away recently, Rest In Peace! Check the obituary over at … [more]

One of Denmarks first graffiti mags, Fantazie by CMPSpin, freshly scanned pages of issue 4 from 1990. Check out the … [more]

An original 9×7 press photo of communist graffiti on a tower in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1934. Bid on this photo … [more]

Dome And Vulcan top to bottom Married cars painted, in the Harlem Tunnelz Super Bowl Sunday 1987 This was part … [more]

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