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At Gunnar Jørgensen Skolen in Hellerup, early 90’s, before big chrome cans and super fatcaps, Rezen, Bates and Zetch pulled … [more]

Super fresh 35 minute documentary from Oslo, Norway from 1990 called VVP – Vandaler Vrenger Plater. “Vandals flipping vinyl” is … [more]

Goozer keep dropping golden old flicks from the mid 80’s on the Wonderful Copenhagen thread. Time Bandits by Simz aka … [more]

Goozer was so cool to share a few old jems on The Wonderful Copenhagen thread tonight… From the mid 80’s … [more]

One of Jutlands first writers, oldschool Eljay aka Lars Jensen aka L Ron Harald has a show opening tomorrow at … [more]

Before I was born, Comet panel and Lee tags to the right of it. From Keith Baughs great book Early … [more]

A well known old spot on the north side of Copenhagen was Lyngby Kældrene. Read more about them and check … [more]

Kool Bandi sent me this old newspaper clipping from the 80s and a few words about it in Danish: ” … [more]

From his 2007 tour of Denmark, this is Blade TC5! Via Blackbook 8K