Monthly Archives: October 2008

Im loving this, watch it all the way to the end… I guess you could call it street art, but … [more]

Here is your chance to voice your opinion about graffiti. In Melbourne, Australia the debate about graffiti is on after … [more]

It doesn’t get more classic than this, this is an absolute must-watch for anybody interested in graffiti. With a lineup … [more]

Double end to end windowdown spotted in Philadelphia.

Mainly for our Scandinavian audience, here is a Norweigan TV documentary, in Norweigan language, from a few years ago called … [more]

Video from 2001 of Dash FBA rocking a nice legal wall in Strassbourg and doing a throwup as a bonus…

Websites with frequent updates are rare these days. One site that keeps a steady flow of new quality photos and … [more]

Smalltown controversy over new legal graffiti wall in England. Graffiti against graffiti, reported by The Sun.

“I made a catalogue of my works,” he says, “because it was too much to carry photographs of all my … [more]

Take a 12 hour train ride through great nature and wilderness in 4 minutes of photos from Fairbanks to Anchorage … [more]