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New show at Graffiti Galleriet in Copenhagen titled Godt og Blandet. The owner of the gallery Jeppe Westrup shows of … [more]

The new show at Graffiti Galleriet from Lars Jensen opened last Friday and here is a full gallery of photos … [more]

One of Jutlands first writers, oldschool Eljay aka Lars Jensen aka L Ron Harald has a show opening tomorrow at … [more]

Bill Bach had a great show opening last night at Graffiti Galleriet in Copenhagen. The gallery was packed with great … [more]

Forget about all the celebrities in Copenhagen today for the IOC meeting, the real deal artist has a show opening … [more]

One of the best danish graffiti writers to go from the streets and to the canvas is Bill Bach. He … [more]

Jeppe from Graffitigalleriet went to Paris and checked out the booming gallery scene, see all his photo from the trip … [more]

Copenhagens gallery for graffiti aka Graffiti Galleriet has a big collection of walls from this years Roskilde Festival up at … [more]

Tim Holbech has a show running at Graffiti Galleriet in Copenhagen. More info on the flyer here.

JonOne has a show all the way out in Shanghai, China, more info here And remember you can still catch … [more]